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The best guestlist app for your event check-in!
Download the app and get started in seconds!

First impression is everything
Check-in comes first

Get your check-in ready in seconds

Save valuable time on your check-in planning

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1. Setup your guest list

Create an event and upload your guest excel sheet

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2. Start your check-in

Download the application and start checking your guests in

Check-in shouldn't be expensive

Free up to 50 guests

Say goodbye to waiting lines!
Instant check-in is the future.

Intelligent search

Intelligent search makes check-in 4 times faster!

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Make your check-in instantaneous with QR code scanning

Real-time update

Parallelize check-in with multiples devices that update in real time

Immerse your guests from the get-go!

Tailor Qeerio to your event theme

The amount of time saved with Qeerio every single event is amazing. The affordable prices and guest satisfaction makes it a no brainer.

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    Annabelle Mekari

    Profirst, Project Coordinator

Qeerio is incredibly easy to get started with. We use it on all our events for many well-known brands and completely trust it!

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    Charles-Louis de Lovinfosse

    Guns for Hire, Artistic Director & Event Director

Customizing the application theme for each one of our clients is a game changer! We always get great feedback from our clients and hostesses.

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    Jack Williams

    Head of Operations, B&Event

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Designed for an effortless check-in

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