Designed with a single goal in mind. Make check-in effortless!

Key features

We continously work on new features that improve your guests check-in experience.

Offline mode

Works seamlessly without wifi. Qeerio stores all your offline actions and synchronizes with the cloud when it goes back online


Immerse your guests from the get-go. Customize Qeerio to match your event and brand colors


Make sure nobody deletes your guest lists by assigning permissions

QR code

Speed up check-in by scanning guests personal QR code

Cloud synchronization

All your event and guest information are safely stored on the cloud

Excel import

Import thousand of guests instantly using excel sheets

Check-in report

Instantly generate a report of your event check-in

Real time update

Check-in updates in real time between all devices


Built to protect your data. Qeerio is GDPR at its core

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